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Solar 750

The Solar 750 allows you to dim and brighten fluorescent lights over a fixed period of one hour. A simple timer can be used to trigger the dimming cycles.

Solar Simulations

Dawn and dusk provide marine organisms time to adjust to the changes in the suns intensity. Actinic bulbs have been used to simulate dawn and dusk in the aquarium, coming on an hour before the main lights and staying on an hour after the main lights go out. The human eye does not perceive blue light very well so the actinics appear dim to us. On the other hand, coral and fish see the blue light quite differently. Blue is the color they have adapted to as it penetrates furthest into the ocean depths. To a marine organism, the actinics are actually a very bright light. This sudden transition from darkness to light can create an unnatural and stressful environment.
A more natural approach would be to have light increase and decrease gradually. The Solar 750 allows you to dim from as little as one lux in the morning to the maximum output of your bulbs over a one hour period. You no longer need to worry about whether you are applying the correct spectrum and/or intensity to properly simulate dawn or dusk. The Solar 750 will accurately control the light intensity as it brightens and dims your lights.

Maximum Intensity

feature sets the maximum light intensity attained during the day to less than 100%


Set the maximum lamp intensity less than 100%



Manual Dimming

Allows nighttime viewing and/or daytime override


IceCap Port

  • Ballasts: IceCap 660 (modified for a dimmer)
  • Timing Range: 0 - 100%
  • Total Wattage: 440 watts


  • Circuitry designed to UL specifications
  • All hazardous voltages are optically isolated from the user